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There are a handful of restrictions on what names you can have, under British law. If you're considering changing your name to an "unusual" one, you might want to be aware of these:

You may or may not specify your title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms.) on your Deed Poll. Most people seem not to. Regardless of your status or qualifications, any man is permitted to use Mr, and any woman is entitled to use Mrs, Miss, or Ms. (regardless of whether or not she is married). A transgendered person may choose to use a title of the opposite gender. Anybody may use an honourific title (e.g. Dr, Capn.) only if they posess the relevant qualification or are bestowed with the relevant honour.

You ought to talk to those people in your life who may have an opinion on the matter before you change your name - although, if you're over 18, there's no requirement to do so. Consider the impact that your name change will have upon your loved ones as well as on your standing in any professional organisations of which you are a part.

Finally, if you are changing your name to be the same as that of a celebrity or famous person, be aware that if you subsequently perform business in the same sector as them (for example, if you change your name to David Bowie and go on to start a musical career), you may well be sued for trademark infringement.

Other than that, you can pick any name you like! In many European countries there are significant restrictions - or even lists of "allowable" names - that you can use, but Britain is remarkably liberal about the whole process: pick a name that suits you!