Free UK Deed Poll

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Special Circumstances?

This tool can generate a variety of different Deed Poll types, and it's important to pick the right one for you. When you're ready to return to the form, click on the header at the top of the page. Choose the first option that matches your situation. Here are the options:

Normal Deed Poll


and you have two witnesses (people who know you personally but who are not your family), then this is the right kind of Deed Poll for you. This kind of Deed Poll is the best choice for virtually every British person who wants to change their name.

Normal Deed Poll (1 witness)

If you would be able to meet the conditions of the Normal Deed Poll, above, but only have one witness, then this is the Deed Poll for you. Fill in the details of the witness into only the First Witness section of the form. Having only one witness increases the risk that your Deed Poll will be rejected, especially by government agencies, so consider postponing your name change until a second witness can be found.

If you are not able to find anybody who can witness your Deed Poll, please consider seeking legal advice.

Colonies 11(1)

Choose this option if, on 1st January 1983, you were resident in a British Overseas territory, and you at that time had the right of abode in the United Kingdom under the Immigration Act 1971.

Abandonment clause

If you were found abandoned in the United Kingdom as a newborn baby (or in a British Overseas territory in 1983 or later) and as a result inheritied British citizenship under clause 1(2) of the British Nationality Act 1981, choose this option.

Descent clause

If you were born outside of the United Kingdom or her qualifying territories, and either your father or mother was that that time a British citizen, choose this option.

Registration 4C

Choose this option if you were born between 1961 and 1983, outside of the United Kingdom or her qualifying territories, and you were subsequently admitted as a British citizen under section 4C of the British Nationality Act 1981.

None of the above

If none of the above matches your situation, you will need to seek legal advice as to the correct wording of your Deed Poll. Examples of complex cases would include if:

People in these and other special situations may need special wording on your Deed Poll, with which this site cannot help.